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This holiday season — let’s talk, let’s listen.


Billions of us are having digital conversations every day. In today’s world, where climate change and public health present urgent crises, 1 in 33 people are in need of humanitarian assistance. The word of the year has become “resilience”, and we rely more and more on the internet to answer our pressing questions. We use all kinds of communications channels to share our experiences and knowledge, voice our concerns, and participate in conversations. We connect with the people around us, and those who are thousands of miles away.

Yet, four billion people still can’t enjoy this basic human right – to get and share information freely – they are excluded because of their language.

Too many people are left out of vital conversations on topics that affect their lives: climate change, women’s health, vaccines, migration, and financial inclusion. All of this is because little or no online communications tools are available in their language.

We have a plan. Together, we can engage four billion people in global conversations. We can talk, we can listen, and we can make a greater impact.

We can only do this with your help.

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Your support is essential so that we can create communication channels that work for everybody. Multilingual chatbots, voice-enabled information kiosks, language maps, and other data-based tools will enable two-way communication globally. Because, for a truly inclusive society, we need to promote global conversation, and listen to people, whatever language they speak.

Join us to make it happen. Donate today.

How you can help:


Provides girls aged 15-19 with lifesaving information about pregnancy and childbirth complications visually, and in their language.


Creates a page of reliable content to prevent misinformation about COVID-19 spread, virus prevention, lethality, and vaccine safety. 


Enables illiterate refugees to learn where to seek health care and food in a video format.


Records a voice-over of an online banking software instruction video, so a Hausa speaker can learn to safely use online banking.


Designs and translates STD posters to be distributed in low-income countries where 1 in 4 sexually active young women have an STD.


Compiles an initial dataset to feed a new speech recognition system for a new marginalized language.


Enables a team of researchers to spend a week learning about local communities’ cultures, experiences, and communication styles, so we can better help them.


Creates language maps to improve and support two-way communication with residents of a linguistically diverse country, such as Malawi or Nigeria, especially during a natural or man-made crisis.


Builds a simple local language chatbot for a certain cause, campaign, or topic, such as COVID-19 vaccination or sustainable farming guidelines.

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