Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals:

How to leave no one behind – whatever language they speak.

A woman reading CLEAR Global's Speak up for Language inclusion ebook
  • What is language inclusion and why does it matter?
  • Climate change and language inclusion
  • TILES: a platform that allows users to access multilingual content in voice format
  • Health care for all - leave no language behind
  • Inclusive health information solutions: research and innovative technology
  • What you can do to multiply your impact
  • Why you should invest in language inclusion to create meaningful change
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Language is key 

to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agenda

Discover how we help people get vital information, access essential services, and participate in conversations that affect their lives. With innovative language technology solutions, research, and the TWB community of over 100,000 language volunteers, we are set to help achieve the SDGs.

The world speaks 7,000 languages

Yet 56% of internet content is in English. It's time to act on language exclusion.

4 billion people

Who speak non-colonial languages are dangerously underrepresented, locked out of vital conversations.

Tech solutions in marginalized languages

Research and data inform chatbots, glossaries, voice-enabled platforms and more

 The world's most urgent  

 sustainability challenge 


In India, farmers face a double threat of climate catastophe compounded by language exclusion. Those most affected are often the least able to speak out. 

We put communities who face the worst climate impacts at the center of our solutions. When we listen to marginalized voices and connect people with locally-relevant, clear, accurate and up-to-date resources, we can create inclusive, sustainable climate action.


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 Language inclusion is critical

 to achieving health for all 

To achieve truly universal health coverage (SDG3), and access to safe and affordable medicines and vaccines for all, we need to include marginalized language speakers. 

  • Inclusive health information solutions
  • Innovative language technology solutions
  • Groundbreaking research, listening to people's experience and perspectives on exclusion
  • Our conversational AI chatbots support people's access to information during health outbreaks
  • Glossary apps enable responders to listen to and support people's needs in linguistically diverse and challenging contexts

“If everybody was concerned about communication and tried to improve it, the entire health sector would improve with better services.”

Two women sat on the floor in a camp for Rohingya people - talking about health care barriers
– Doctor
Kutupalong refugee camp, Bangladesh
  Million + words translated  
by 100,000 TWB Community members makes vital information accessible

  Multilingual glossary apps  
improve communication on health, preventing sexual exploitation, abuse, and harm, and more


  Multilingual AI chatbots   
answer people's questions about health, migration, financial inclusion and climate change 

 You can support 

 this important work. 

Join CLEAR Global’s movement to speak up for language inclusion and help make marginalized voices heard.


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SpeekUp for language inclusion
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